Computer Vision algorithms to make cameras/optical sensors understand what they see

Internet of Things to connect and manage multiple cameras/optical sensors through the Internet.

We deliver insights (not only data) at the right time (real-time) in the right form to the right person.

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We develop connected, Computer Vision based solutions aiming to improve the lives of people, making urban areas safer, healthier and more efficient.

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We use cameras to digitize the offline world

Video meets the Internet of Things – We apply machine-learning to video feeds in order to translate the offline world into digital data


It is pretty easy to connect digital devices. But it is incredibly difficult to digitize the offline world.


We close that massive gap between online and offline as we process video streams with A.I. to analyze the world.

We connect optical sensors and cameras over the Internet (IoT) and use Artificial Intelligence (Computer Vision) to help them understand what they see.

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We combine three technologies

1. Computer Vision

We use Computer Vision algorithms to enable cameras and optical sensors to understand what they see.

2. IoT Platform

We connect multiple cameras / optical sensors through the Internet. Thus, we can handle a large amount of devices remotely.

3. A.I. Analytics

We use Machine Learning to understand the Big Data and return only relevant information at the right time in the right form to the right spot.

We are able to use basically any form of camera or optical sensor to capture and understand what happens in the real world. Based on our platform, we develop custom solutions for various business applications.

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About TopKamera Technology

Our high-level expertise in the field of computer vision makes us a top notch Swiss startup in the fields of IoT and Computer Vision. Our network-based solutions help to digitize and automate the offline world, with tremendous benefits for society and economy. We are an expert in camera technologies since 2014.

What makes us better

What makes us unique

About TopKamera Technology

TopKamera is a computer vision and IoT powerhouse. We bring extraordinary specialists with complementary skills in business, A.I., IoT and networking together.
We develop A.I. and network-based end-to-end solutions for large enterprises and public institutions.

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Network Systems

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Computer Vision Expert

Declan Flavey TopKamera

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UI, IoT & Mobile Development

Cliff Pahl TopKamera

Sales / Strategy

Computer Vision to solve real world problems

Technology related to computer vision is making inroads into all areas of human interest. We develop tailored solutions with our industry partners. As a true end-to-end provider, we optimize Hardware, Software and Services to achieve a powerful digitization and automation solution.

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