Computer Vision and Deep Learning enabling machines to understand what they see.

On the edge allows on-chip computing, privacy, real-time and lower total cost of ownership.

A Powerful Technology Platform: Specialized End-to-End Solutions provided as-a-service.

A Platform for Computer Vision on the edge

As a Swiss Deep Technology Startup, we use a proprietary Platform to build Edge based Computer Vision Solutions. We help offline industries to adopt AI Technology for digitizing their business. We deliver cross-industry End-to-End Solutions (Hardware, Software, Services) as-a-Service.

Industry Solutions

We use Deep Learning Algorithms to translate the offline world into digital information. Intelligent Edge allows local information processing, rather than within the cloud or a data center.

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End-To-End solutions

Software determines the Hardware required, Hardware limits Software and needs to be customized and implemented.
As all those topics are closely interlinked, we provide a fully integrated Solution (End-to-End).

1. Software

We use a modular platform to develop and deploy software. Computer Vision and Deep Learning enables cameras and optical sensors to understand what they see.

2. Hardware

We use connected edge-devices (Intelligent Edge) to achieve high performance, robust datasecurity and real-time decision making – with limited internet dependency.

3. Services

We provide all services required for a seamless implementation and customization. Therefore, we lead project based Proof-of-Concept, MVP/Prototyping and Pilot Phases.

Solutions in key industries

As an AI technology provider, we enable industry leaders to introduce Computer Vision in real-world applications. Select the solution to learn more.

About TopKamera Technology

The TopKamera AG is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland. We combine top-notch Deep Learning, Edge and Computer Vision Expertise to build an Eco-System of Industry specific Solutions. Our platform enables powerful synergies and lightning-fast innovation cycles.

What we do

What makes us unique

Technology Platform for Computer Vision on the edge

Industry specific Edge End-to-End-Solutions developed on a modular platform.

Easy to Scale

Click-and-deploy, fully modular, IoT network

End-to-End Integration

Reduced complexity, total costs & time to market

Provided as-a-Service

No initial investment, CapEx free implementation

On-the-Edge – Technology beyond Cloud

The deployment of Computer Vision applications shifts from Cloud to the Edge, allowing local information processing.


  • > 5x faster response time with a huge effect on operation optimization
  • Downtime reduction
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • On-Chip calculation (Security)

Meet the Team

We unite talented specialists with complementary skills in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, IoT/Edge and Business. The team holds 8 MA / 1 PhD degrees from leading universities (HSG, Fudan, ETH).

Founder / Solutions

Founder / Key Accounts

Partner / Sales & Marketing

Head Development

Network Systems

Lead Computer Vision

UI, IoT & Mobile Development

Computer Vision

Advisory Board

Dr. Urs Landolf
Advisor / Legal & Business

Andé Schütt
Advisor / BD & Financing

Declan Flavey TopKamera

Declan Falvey
Advisor / Finance

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